4 Etiquette Tips Your Limo Chauffer Will Appreciate

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4 Etiquette Tips Your Limo Chauffer Will Appreciate

When you are riding in a limousine there are a few things which you should keep in mind to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Limo etiquette is something which you need to adhere to whenever you step into the back of a limo. It is something your Nationwide Limo Services chauffeur will appreciate for sure. Here are a few tips which will help ensure you have a great experience the first time you hire a Dallas limos:

The first and most important thing about hiring a limo service is security. This is a primary concern not just for passengers but for the limo driver as well. Safety is something that many people tend to overlook. No limousine company is going to be willing to transport more people than the law permits. That’s just asking for trouble. They aren’t going to expose themselves to fines and unsafe driving conditions for you. It is always better to hire a limousine that has a large enough capacity to accommodate all of the people in your party. The extra space will not only make the ride more comfortable but will also ensure you are safe throughout.

A limousine is a very expensive luxury car. There’s a reason why everyone doesn’t own one. Limo services pay a lot of money for those vehicles which transport you around town. Even if they aren’t yours, you need to learn to respect them. A good limo service is not going to keep renting limos out to you if you misbehave with the amenities or with the chauffeur. Also, you need to respect that the privacy window is meant for use at the discretion of the driver. You will have to respect his decision with regard to whether it is up or down.

Being inside a limo does not give you the license to do whatever you want. Things like underage drinking, using drugs or standing out of the sunroof are just as illegal in a rented limo as they are anywhere else. If caught, you will be held accountable for these actions. Many limo companies even reserve the right to terminate a ride immediately with no refund if you are caught breaking any rules inside a limo. You will need to take care of your personal belonging as well. A limo service is not going to be held responsible for anything that is stolen or lost while you are riding in one of their limos. So be careful.

This isn’t as much about the limo company as it is about the driver. If you had a great experience traveling in a limo, it is recommended that you tip the chauffeur between 15 and 20%. If the driver was friendly and accommodating of your requests, you should tip him. There you go, four simple things that your chauffeur is certainly going to appreciate when you ride with them. If you have a really good time with them, you could even request them by name the next time you’re hiring a limo. If you were a good customer, there’s no reason they will decline.


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