3 Reasons to Hire a Limo Instead of Using an Airport Shuttle

That One Scene in Home Alone…

Aside from being a holiday comedy classic, Home Alone is full of iconic scenes. One scene in

particular is at the beginning when the massive family is struggling to make it to the airport shuttle

that they have hired. That is just a movie, but families who use an airport shuttle may relate to the

McAllister’s in the movie.

Airport shuttles are generally an SUV type of vehicle that is supposed to fit all of the passengers

and their luggage. It is helpful for families who are in a hurry and are unable to drive to and

from the airport. However, they can be expensive. Airport shuttles also work on a tight schedule,

so the traveling family or group of people are going to need to hustle. It does not matter if the

shuttle is at the house super early in the morning, the group needs to get into it as soon as possible

so that the shuttles can work on getting the next group. It can be a stressful start to the morning,

especially since vacation time is supposed to be a fun time.

This is why some limo services offer passengers a chance to take a ride to the airport. One such

service Dallas Limo, offers this type of transportation to their clients.

Traveling to the Airport in Class

There is something appealing about pulling up to the airport, and walking out of a limo. It not only

makes the passengers and travelers look classier, because hey they just stepped out of a limo.

There are other reasons that make it sound appealing, but there are other reasons to consider hiring

a limo service for traveling to the airport.

 The Three Reasons Why a Limo May Be a Better Choice

They Are Spacious for A Reason

Traveling a large limo will not only give passengers a chance to relax in a big area, but it will also

allow them to carry all of their luggage in a much easier fashion. Instead of stuffing all of the

luggage in a trunk on an SUV, luggage can be placed around the car and put into the trunk.

Makes Traveling to the Airport More Fun

Getting to the airport can be a real boring trip. Why not make it a little more lively and hire a limo

to do the real driving around? A limo is going to be more comfortable and will probably bring out

some excitement.

Not as Expensive as You Think

A limo may look like it could cost a pretty penny, however they are a little less expensive than

airport shuttles. Most airport shuttles are paid by the hour and the family pays for parking as well.

Compared to limos, you are just paying for the time and nothing else. It is a good back up plan to


Traveling is Supposed to Be Fun!

Traveling is a major hobby for a lot of people, and it is a yearly tradition for most families. That

being said, getting to and from the vacation destination can be and sometimes is the absolute worst

part of anyone’s travels. No one expects to get onto a plane and have a poor flight or have a

stressful morning getting to the airport. Hiring a limo may help relieve the stress, and possibly

anxiety, of traveling to the vacation spot. If not, well, at least you can brag about driving in a limo.

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