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4 Etiquette Tips Your Limo Chauffer Will Appreciate

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When you are riding in a limousine there are a few things which you should keep in mind to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Limo etiquette is something which you need to adhere to whenever you step into the back of a limo. It is something your ... Read More
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That One Scene in Home Alone…Aside from being a holiday comedy classic, Home Alone is full of iconic scenes. One scene inparticular is at the beginning when the massive family is struggling to make it to the airport shuttlethat they have hired. That is just a movie, but families who ... Read More
The Fancy LifeWhenever a limousine pulls up at any place, regardless if it is a fancy restaurant or a Denny’s, everyone looks. Not only because limos look “oh, so cool,” but because everyone wants to see who the person who was rich or fancy (sometimes both) enough to own a ... Read More