How to Pull Off a Surprise Wedding?

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You might not get the wedding gifts (At least not on the wedding day).

You might also not have the pictures filled with guests wearing expensive and fancy clothing articles. And there would be an absence of pre-wedding celebrations and hangouts.

But then, for many people, the sheer joy of a surprise wedding could be worth all the effort and of course all the astonished looks they’d love to enjoy. And there are some major advantages for them too — such as less pressure to make it an elaborate event, spend twice of what you would have thought of, or answer the endless questions from friends and relatives. However, the task could be a difficult one; here is how you can juggle wedding preps along with the surprise element maintaining its charm:
  • Resist the urge to discuss a related topic: it might be a real pain not to discuss the most important event of your life with the ones close to you. To aid you with that it’s important to refrain from the topic altogether.
  • Confide in one or two people, maximum: You definitely would need a person in charge of the arrangements and to maintain the secret from others as you bring about everyone to a family picnic where you tie the knot.
  • Incorporate creative themes: Keep your guests guessing the real deal even after you have taken them by surprise (no, this isn’t only a Christmas party) and include games which intensifies the surprise.
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