Fun Games To Play On Your Bridal Shower with Dallas Limousines

Although the bride-to be is the center of attention at a bridal shower and the party is organized to make her feel special.

But there should also be some activities for the guests because a bridal shower is that event of a wedding where all your friends and family members cherish the old memories and get to have some fun.

Games are important because they will help breaking the ice between the guests who do not know each other and also involve everyone in the celebration.

Although there is a long list of games you can play at your bridal shower but some of the interesting games that your guests will surely enjoy are:

1. Purse scavenger hunt

Prepare a list of things that women normally keep in their hand bags, like sunglasses, keys, visiting cards, lipsticks (or any other make up product) etc. Say one thing at a time aloud and then ask your guests to take it out of your bag in 30 seconds. Whoever finds most of the things from her purse will win the game.

2. Who said it?

Give all guests a paper and a pen and ask them to write something about the bride, fold each paper and then keep them in a jar. Ask the bride to take out papers one by one, read aloud what is written on it and then guess who could have said that. This game will make you both laugh and weep because your guests might share some funny facts about your personality, your annoying habits or may share her feelings on your wedding that will make you emotional. Whatever the case is, you will surely enjoy this game.

3. I have Never…

Make all the guests sit in a circle, everyone with a glass of drink or juice in her hand. Each girl gets to complete the sentence ‘I have never….’ And she will tell about something she has never done and whoever from the other guests had done that in her life will take a sip of their drink. This will surprise people and will serve as an ice breaker.

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