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Don’t miss these great sites.

Aboard a charter bus rental in Dallas, you can enjoy so many incredible sites. If you choose the right company, you should end up with a highly knowledgeable driver who can share some background history about Dallas, some of the best places to visit. And can even answer questions you may have about the best places to visit.

Not every Dallas charter bus service has the most highly experienced and knowledgeable drivers. Not every Dallas charter bus service actually cares about such things.

Limo Service Dallas does. In fact, is a family owned and operated company since 1993. Limo Service Dallas has been providing the best, safest. And most reliable transportation throughout the region through all of those years. That has allowed them to build up an incredible reputation. And one of the most impressive fleets of limos and buses.

Anyone booking a Dallas coach bus should contact Limo Service Dallas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at their convenience at 972.332.0535. If they’re looking for Dallas limos instead, our company has some of the most luxurious, smooth, quiet vehicles on the market. Every single vehicle in their fleet is considered late-model and that means it will be a smooth, comfortable, and even luxurious experience.

As for sites to enjoy on a charter bus rental in Dallas, don’t miss these incredible destinations.

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

This offers some great exhibits about the JFK assassination. It was at Dealey Plaza where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed Pres. John F. Kennedy. You can spend an entire day here soaking up the incredible history and monumental moment that occurred just down the street from the building.

Dallas World Aquarium.

This is one of the most impressive aquariums in the south. You can find a wide range of exotic animals and replica habitats and is perfect for families and single travelers who are in the area for business.

The Galleria Dallas.

When you want the best Dallas charter bus service. Limo Service Dallas is it, hands down. You can learn more about their services by visiting their website at www.limoservicedallas.com.

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