4 Things Your Limo Driver Wishes You Know


4 Things Your Limo Driver Wishes You Know

“It’s okay, I’m a limo driver!”

Working for a transportation service, like Uber or a city’s main taxi service, may not be the most

appealing of jobs, but works as something to get a paycheck. Although its nothing most people

who drive for a living want to pursue as a career. Limo driving is a different story on the other


Being a professional limo driver can be a real unique career. After all you can meet interesting

people and important people. Sometimes, you get to go to a new particular place. It can also be

chance to use your particularly good driving skills to good use. Plus, a lot of passengers tip pretty

decent money. It is an appealing career for some aspiring drivers.

Working for a limo service like Dallas Limo will have you traveling all about a major city. It can

be an overall fun job for everyone. However, like any job it does have its negative sides. 

Living Large and Fast

With the amount of clients that you will have to take care of, a limo driver is bound to run into a

bad egg here and there. Some passengers will treat the driver like, for lack of a better word, crap.

It’s moments like that, among others, where the limo drivers wish the passengers knew how to

treat them. There are other situations too, where the passengers can actually jeopardize the driver’s

future at the limo service.

Four Things the Limo Driver Wishes You Knew

“For the love of god, please clean!”

A limo driver can be penalized at his or her job if the limo is dirty and/or possibly damaged. If the

passengers knew this, then the passengers can know what to do with their next limo trip.

“I work in the service industry.”

It may not be the typical service industry, like with food and such, but limo driving is still part of that category. That being said, the limo driver does expect a tip after a night or day of driving around with a bunch of strangers. Sometimes the drivers are not tipped and that just is not fair. 

“You’re not a superstar.”

Just because someone is on a limo, does not mean that they are a massively famous person. The

passenger should not act all high and mighty as if they are above the driver. All the passenger has

to do is just be a little more respectful.

“I’m only human.”

Sometimes on the job, the driver may make mistakes while driving, like not going fast enough.

Regardless if they make a mistake or not, a passenger should not treat a driver as if they are stupid

because they made a simple mistake. After all, the passenger has probably made a mistake similar

to the one they have.

 It’s a Job and Somebody’s Got to Do It

At the end of the day, being a limo driver has its ups and downs. All it comes down to if the clients

knew how to treat both the limo and the limo driver. Like any other job, a customer can ruin a job

for someone. All it takes is a little following of the phrase, “treat those like how you would like

to be treated.”

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